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Webmaster Referral

Webmaster Referral

DMRC Affiliates will earn commission when a visitor they refer becomes a Member to one of the download sites. Affiliates will receive 55% for initial signups in addition to 40% on each rebill for recurring memberships until the Member cancels his subscription.

For example, if you refer a visitor that purchases a non-recurring Annual Membership for $327.00 to one of the download sites, you will earn $131.00 for that sign up! Or if you refer a visitor that purchases a 1 month recurring membership of $28.00 to one of the download sites, you will earn $15.40 for the initial signup, plus $11.20 every additional month the Member stays!

Webmaster Referral
Do you have webmaster traffic? Have them signup with DMRC Affiliate Program and we will pay you 5% recurring on sales made by them. This applies to all webmasters you refer to us and lasts for the life of all memberships they make.

Other Features

Multiple sales tools

We offer various promo tools such as banners, ads, and videos for you to promote download sites. We even offer free downloadable content that you can use to create custom promo material. We will also create custom ads for you upon your request.

Constant Updates

We promote new and updated uncensored websites in Japanese and English, from hardcore porn to vintage erotica. Our regular updates ensure that users will get the biggest bang for their buck and encourage member retention.

No Shaving

Our Affiliates will have ease of mind knowing that their stats are not being shaved and that they will earn exactly what is owed to them. Our Affiliates are important to us and your satisfaction is our priority. We use NATS4 for affiliate sales and reporting, widely regarded by industry leaders as being one of the most fast and accurate reporting systems available.

Powered by NATS4 Software

Our affiliate program is powered by NATS4! This gives our affiliates multiple benefits, including:

  • Cascade billing - We use cascading billing, giving you the opportunity to earn commission even if our primary processor refuses the sale. If a transaction gets declined from one payment processor, the transaction is then passed on to another processor. We ensure that you will get credit for the sale when a user you refer becomes a Member to one of the download sites.
  • Real Time Tracking – Affiliates will be able to see raw and unique hits, as well as member signups in real time as they happen.
  • Campaign Tracking – Campaigns allow Affiliates to group and organize incoming traffic statistics, allowing for more specific tracking of promotions and programs. Affiliates are allowed to make as many tracking campaigns as they want.
  • Detailed Stats Interface – Affiliates will see real-time statistics that can be displayed from any particular site, date range, or campaign. Affiliates can view raw, unique, and qualified clicks, joins, join ratio, rebills, credits, chargebacks, and their payout.
  • Demographic Stats Report – Our use of NATS allows geographic IP address tracking and reporting to show Affiliates where their customers and referrals come from. An interactive map displays all the results.

Webmaster Customer Service

Our office can be contacted from 10:00AM to 6:00PM Pacific Standard Time (PST), Monday thru Friday. You can reach us via IM, e-mail, or telephone. If you have any questions or comments, or need assistance, please contact us.