Affiliate Information

What is the DMRC Affiliate Program?

The DMRC Affiliate Program is a program that lets anyone with a website or a blog act as our affiliate(promoter) by advertising site links, banners, and other promotional tools in order to be paid a commission. When a surfer clicks on one of the site links or other promo tools that you have placed and decides to purchase a product from one of the download sites, then you will be given a sales commission. There's no more work required, it's that simple!

affiliate infographic


DMRC Affiliates will receive 55% commission for initial signups in addition to 40% on each rebill for recurring memberships until the member cancels his subscription!

For example, if you refer a surfer that purchases a 1 month recurring membership of $28.00 to one of the websites, then you will earn $15.40 for the initial signup, plus $11.20 every additional month member stays on the site!

DMRC Affiliate Program also offers commission for Webmaster referrals. If you know a Webmaster, then you can have him signup with DMRC Affiliate Program and we will pay you up to 5% commission on sales they make.

What are you waiting for?

Signing up to DMRC Affiliate Program is free of charge, and your membership will last a lifetime. We will provide you with a great selection of ad tools that update frequently, and if you have particular ad tool requests our staff is happy to accommodate. Sign up now! Start making money today!